Rediscovering Wichita through the epic #ILoveWichita #ICThanksgiving tour

Rediscovering Wichita through the epic #ILoveWichita #ICThanksgiving tour

It’s easy to think that when you grow up somewhere, that you know it well. Even though I’ve not lived in Wichita for quite some time, I felt like I was familiar with all that it has to offer. Holy moly, was I wrong! We recently took our first week-long vacation to explore Wichita and spend time with family for Thanksgiving.

FTC Disclosure: When we decided to take this trip, I reached out to Visit Wichita (the local convention and visitor’s bureau) to see if we could get a few complimentary tickets to attractions. Thanks to their efforts, we received complimentary tickets to seven different attractions in Wichita! I am so grateful to the attractions and to Jessica at Visit Wichita for helping me share about the countless things available to do in Wichita. All pictures (except a few from family members), words, and opinions are my own. You will find pictures and updates about our trip under the #ICThanksgiving hashtag and all things great about Wichita under the #ILoveWichita hashtag.


Our trip to Wichita was a whirlwind! We had two family days, one rest day, two travel days, and four “tourist” days. In those four days, we went to seven different attractions. We ate a lot, we learned a lot, and we had a lot of fun.

I must say that I took hundreds of photos. There is no way I could use even half of them! I’m going to try and go back to write an individual blog about each of the attractions but wanted to do a summary blog about our trip as soon as I could. I will come back here and link up the new blogs as I go.

You will find below information about what to do in Wichita, where to eat in Wichita, and some of my favorite memories from our trip! Keep scrolling, I promise it’s worth it!  Read More

A night of relaxation and fun with Birra Vino’s and Something From Nothing Paint Parties

A night of relaxation and fun with Birra Vino’s  and Something From Nothing Paint Parties

FTC Disclosure: I was provided a free meal from Birra Vino’s Pizzeria and a free paint station from Something from Nothing Paint Parties in exchange for social media amplification and a blog post. All opinions are my own.

Considering I’m in this picture, it seems obvious that I didn’t take it but felt like I should clariy that it’s courtesy of Something From Nothing Paint Parties.


Do you ever just need an evening away with friends for a creative activity and great food? Of course you do. I recently had that opportunity and am so grateful for the experience.

You may remember that my friend Sarah started a new company more than a year ago called Something From Nothing Paint Parties. It’s one of those group paint party companies but instead of everyone going to a big studio, Sarah brings the party to you. These parties are a great thing for team building, girls’ night out, couples, and whomever! This is my second one, actually. Last year, I participated in a paint party at Sarah’s house and had such a great time I knew I wanted to do it again!


This time, it was a lot different! See, she recently teamed up with a relatively new restaurant there in Siloam Springs called Birra Vino’s Pizzeria to offer monthly open paint parties for anyone who wants to sign up (usually you are invited by a hostess and the hostess chooses the painting). The paint parties are the fourth Saturday every month until the holidays. The cost for the party is $30 in advance. Guests are encouraged to come about an hour or so before the paint party starts to enjoy a delicious handmade meal in a really friendly atmosphere.

This guy greats you as you come in.
This guy greets you as you come in.

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Realizing a niche and finding independence at WordCamp Kansas City

Realizing a niche and finding independence at WordCamp Kansas City



It’s interesting when we go into a situation expecting one thing and coming out of it with something completely different, isn’t it?

Nearly a month ago, I attended WordCamp Kansas City where I also served as a speaker and volunteered in the community support lounge. WordCamps are weekend events held all over the world that bring together people who use WordPress, which is a content management system that drives websites and blogs. I’m also on the WordCamp Fayetteville planning committee.

I expected to attend WordCamp and see lots of friends and learn more about WordPress. Both happened, but it’s not what I remember most about the trip. It turns out, this trip was more of an emotional experience and confidence builder for me, which is something I sorely needed whether I realized it or not.  Read More