Tuesday September 6, 2005

I now have a final surgery date (YIPPEEEEE!). It is Sept. 22. I have to be in Tulsa for two different dates besides that. I will be gone the evening of Sept. 13 and be gone Sept. 14 for specialists visits.

I have to be in Tulsa from 8 a.m. through about 5 p.m. on Sept. 20 but I will come back that night to do the school elections. Then after that, I will be gone Sept. 21 through Oct. 9 or so. I put on my PTO form that I would be gone from Sept. 20-Oct. 9 but I will come back and do the school elections. I’m coming home that night anyways because I can’t afford to spend extra nights in a hotel in Tulsa.

ALSO, I was able to find someone to work for me that weekend that I’ll be gone. I’m excited about that.

Another cool thing, I found out that it looks like they will take my sonogram of the abdomen so I won’t have to pay to have that redone. I won’t know until Sept. 14 if I have to have the stress test redone.

I can’t believe how well all of this is coming together after all the horrible trouble I’ve had so far in trying to schedule this.

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  1. Yep, I realized Thursday afternoon that it was exactly two weeks away. I have so much left to do. I’m trying to not get nervous but I am! I know I’m making the right decision but I’m still nervous. Thanks Rissa, love you. Jamie

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