Friday September 23, 2005

Here’s a better description of what happened to postpone the surgery:

It wasn’t the bladder infection that stopped the surgery. My TSH
(thyroid stimulating hormone) was so high that Dr. Kirk (his words)
nearly fell over from his chair. What is ironic is, the levels were
DOUBLE that a couple of months ago so we know it’s headed in the
right direction.

The problem is that people with that poorly functioning of a thyroid
could go into some kind of atrial blah blah blah (I was in a stupor
at this point, so I’m not remembering what he said, LOL). Dr. Kirk
was awesome, though. My dad hammered him with questions and he took
them with grace. As he was leaving he held my hand and gave me a
look that basically said, don’t worry, we will fix this.

I see my endocrinologist Monday to see what we can do. There are
more indepth thyroid tests that can be run.

Here’s the problem: My insurance that is paying for the surgery runs
out Sept. 30. The clinic staff has already been completely
completely awesome in getting this surgery scheduled in a quickie.
They’ve all been very patient with my looney toons panic attacks,
tears and crazy questions.

I do plan on doing the COBRA thing to keep the current insurance
because my new company’s insurance refuses to cover anything obesity
related except for $1,000. This is all happening because my current
company got bought out. I didn’t switch jobs.

If I thought I could handle it, I would stay on the liquid diet so I
can be ready on a moment’s notice. Dr. Kirk said I should eat at
least for now. I might stop Sunday night though. Tonight I had pizza
and beer, lol. It was good but I didn’t finish it because lately
when I start to eat too much I just feel like I’m beating myself up
and defeating the purpose of the surgery.

I’m trying to stay positive so I’ll end on this note:

A) Not only was I passed on all other tests, my sleep apnea is
actually better than it was. It still freaked Britt out but it is
better, lol.

B)I have actually lost a tad bit of weight. I weighed at Dobratz’s office and then again at the hospital during preop. If those scales are in sync, then I’ve lost about six pounds.

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