Thursday December 15, 2005

Last time I posted I was packing for Tulsa and now I’m obviously back. I’ve been back since Tuesday but I’ve been too busy to post about how my weekend went. Over all, it was fantastic. I’ll talk about it in chronological order.
I left for Tulsa Saturday afternoon and arrived at the Sheraton around 5 p.m. I had to switch rooms but was soon settled. I had fun changing into my fancy clothes and getting all dressed up. I wore the blue dress I wore to my brother and sis-in-law’s wedding.

For those who are a tad lost at the moment, my surgery support group had one of its two major shindigs during the year. The Christmas Party is filled with food, booze, laughter, dancing and more booze. I had so much fun. I felt completely at ease with this group and they even got me out on the dance floor. Once I got out there, I hardly left! I even got a few lap dances…crazy but loads of fun.

After the party was over I went to the unofficial after party party. It was around the hotel pool. People got thrown in the pool while wearing their formals and the group that gathered just had a grand old time. I think I finally punched out around 3:45 a.m.

The next day I met my friends the Terrells for lunch at Carrabbas. I ordered a half portion of the spaghetti and meatball and I came home with two small take-out boxes filled with the spaghetti. I was able to eat it ok, but even the half portion was too much! I got a couple more meals out of it and left the rest for their kids to eat. After lunch we went back to their house and just hung out. Bobby let me use his wheelchair because it’s not as wide and I was able to get in their bathroom and whatnot. I spent the night there.

Monday I had a followup with my pulmonologist. That is where the weekend (well by this time the week) went a bit awry. I had known I had a possible nodule that was found in my newest set of followup xrays but we didn’t know what it was or if it was even just a shadow. Well it turned out it was definitely a nodule so I had to have a CT Scan at the hospital that afternoon. I was not only a bit concerned but I was bummed because I was supposed to meet my friend Valerie (Terrell) in Coweta where she was getting a full make-over paid for by the support group.

Anyways, the CT showed that yes, I have a nodule but we couldn’t tell what it was so I ended up staying another, unexpected night in Tulsa so I could have a special kind of scan the next day. The scan results showed that there is a low probability that I have lung cancer but that the situation needed to be monitored. I am having another CT in a couple of months to see if the nodule has grown any. If it has, then it must be removed. That will be NO FUN but don’t worry, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Ok well back to Monday. After I was done with the doctor stuff I headed out to Coweta for the rest of my friend’s makeover then we made it to the support group meeting in Tulsa that night. The meeting was good and I wish I could attend more often. They are talking about starting one in my area and I will definitely be involved in that! After the meeting a bunch of us went to dinner at Golden Corral. One would think that a buffet would be dumb for a GBS patient but it’s actually the best thing. That way I can create my own portions and if something doesn’t feel good going down, I can just get a whole new plate of food. GC has some decent sugar-free desserts too so it’s good.

Even with the health issue that came up, the weekend was wonderful. It was so nice to be around people who are truly my friends and don’t judge me based on my size. I was still probably one of the biggest people there and I felt completely at ease.


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  1. Booze and lap dances…sounds like my kind of party! Hee hee. But seriously, I am really glad you had such a fun time. IT sounds like you’ve met some incredible people…and you fit right in, of course.

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