Sunday January 8, 2006

Well, I can. While I know my weightloss has slowed considerably (this is pretty normal), I still managed to lose about 19 pounds since Thanksgiving. That is true if the scales at my local hospital jives with the scales at the hospital where I had my surgery. That is a total weight loss of 68 pounds since the surgery. I’m pretty pleased with that. I know my weight loss has slowed but still, I’ve never lost that much weight and never in that amount of time. The most I’ve ever lost was 25 in the summer after my freshman year of college. That took the entire summer to do.

I said goodbye to two good friends today. My green shaker sweater and my blue sweater. They have been my two favorite sweaters for years but quite frankly they just are too big. I gave them to a friend of mine in my local support group. A friend from work just did a story on this woman that is really great.

You can view it both in text and “real” form at

To see it live: go to the left hand side and at the top of the SIDE menu it says something about live version. Click on that. Under sections go to Opinion (its at the top). Go to the last page (page 24). I would suggest going there to see the pictures in the live version but going to the script version to read the story. To do that, go back to the left side menu and click “Accents” on the menu. It should be the top story. The headline makes it clear what it is.


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