Monday January 16, 2006

It is just a thought I had a month or two ago and felt like sharing.

I haven’t truly and truly mourned the loss of food yet. It’s been more of a fond farewell most of the time but not all the time. It is still hard to not have your usual way of dealing with emotional problems. 

Anyways, a couple months ago I was thinking about a lot of the foods that seemed to be part of my childhood. Memories basically that were surrounded by food. I know this sounds bad, but it was a positive
thing. I then came up with the idea for a restaurant called Mom’s,Etc. because not all the memories are of my mom’s cooking, some of it is other relatives. The menu would include the signature items with an explanation of the memory or whatever. I would of course have other items on there as well (people want more than bbq chicken, green beans and tuna pizza). I would have a section of food that is for kids that is healthy, a section for seniors and a section for people who had weight loss surgery or have other dietary needs. That information would be very obvious on the menu.

I of course don’t plan on ever creating the restaurant (just not my thing) but I still really like the idea.


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  1. your story ffeels familiar to me. I very often get set up by food…thinking food equals love…but reminding myself that food does not equal love is one of the ways I made it through the holidays. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that food equals death (at least in the way I want to use it, which is unheathy food and lots of it)

    Love ya!

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