Wednesday January 18, 2006

A lot of people mark their one-year surgery anniversary and I’m sure I’ll do the same. But for some reason today is the day that sticks out in my mind.

Today is the one-year anniversary of when I decided I WANTED to pursue gastric-bypass surgery. Jan. 18 was the day that I first visited my endocrinologist. He and his nurse were the first people to ever treat me like I was a good person, an acceptable person the way I was. They helped me realize that I was cheating myself out of a life that I deserved by remaining the size that I was. At that point I was EXCITED about the prospect of changing my life — no, I was taking my life back.

It has been a long, hard year but it’s all been worth it. Even the Graves Disease, which has been tougher on me than the Spina Bifida, has been mostly worth it. The physical and emotional craziness that I’ve gone through with that prepared me for what I’ve faced with the surgery. I’ve made a lot of life-altering changes this year and while I could have really done without having to ablate my thyroid, it has been worth it.

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