Friday February 24, 2006

As I put in one of my previous posts, I recently visited Tulsa three times in one week. It was wonderful. I’m really growing to love that city and especially my friends there. The first time I went was Saturday, Feb. 11 for a night out. It was just dinner and then I went back to my friends’ house. I decided to skip the movie and dancing because I preferred to talk with them.

The next time I went was the following Monday. It was for the support group meeting, which I rarely am able to attend because of work. I was able to give my testimony and everyone said it was good so I hope so. I just talked about how the surgery has changed my life both in physical terms and emotional terms. I hope that it helped some preops and postops! It was good for me too because it forced me to focus my thoughts and evaluate how my life has changed since the surgery. I’ve noticed it as time has gone on but right before the testimony I had gone through my first surgery-related depression and that was hard for me to admit to anyone.

The next time I went to Tulsa was the following Friday, Feb. 17. I had an appointment with the surgeon and it went well. He was very pleased with my progress and was not as concerned as I thought he would be about my iron deficiency. He said I need to get it taken care of, but it’s not critical  yet. I’ve lost 80 pounds in 4.5 months so I felt good about things. I won’t be able to reach 100 pounds lost in six months, but considering my original goal was to lose 100 in one year losing that much in 7-8 months ain’t too shabby!

While I was in Tulsa on this trip the storms came in. I was supposed to be at a late Valentines Party with some friends but it got canceled. A group wanted to still get together so they all came over to my friend’s house. It was a lot of fun to talk to a bunch of new people who have had the surgery. It was also nice to talk with their families, who have been the support systems.

I was supposed to be back in Bentonville Sunday but the weather stranded me there until Monday. That’s where I’ll start my next post …

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