Wednesday March 8, 2006

Added this pic 3/21:


Another thing off my list:

I have not been able to wear denim of any kind for years. Tonight I tried on some jeans from my big green bin and they fit! They were snug but that actually looks best on me right now. They are still a really big size and I can’t help but feel bad that it took more than 80 pounds to get into that, but I decided not to care. What matters is that I can fit into something that hasn’t fit for years. I can fit into pants that aren’t knit blend!


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  1. hahah thats great jamie im glad everything is going great w// ur surgrey =]

    i heard about ur car crash and i was glad ur ok and hope that everything has been going smoothly

    <33 becky

  2. Thats awesome Congrats!! I hate the size of my jeans but they feel so much better on than stretchy pants!

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