Saturday March 25, 2006

Had two wow moments this week I’m finally getting time to share.

The first was when I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday. Not only did
it not hurt to fit into the chair (I still lopped over but it was
better), but I could lean forward into the head contrapment they use
to test your eyes! Last time I went to the doctor I had to crane my
head really hard and pull the contrapment towards me so my boobs
wouldn’t push it away. It was nice! Oh, and no diabetes or Graves
damage to my eyes and that’s a big thing.

The second one was when I got my CT Scan Thursday. It didn’t hurt to
lay on the table and I didn’t have to scrunch my muscles in so I
wouldn’t fall off.

Oh, and don’t forget to notice the photo I added to the entry about my jeans

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  1. Jamie, It is so nice to hear your updates! What a wonderful week of wow moments. That must be such a great feeling. I really like your new pic!

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