Thursday June 15, 2006

I’ve told most people this but I’m going on my first, by myself, real live vacation. I’ve gone on plenty of trips, but this will be my first time to go someplace new just because I feel like it and it will be the first time for me to do it alone.

My journey starts June 21 when I drive to my friends’ house in Tulsa. They are taking me to the airport for my flight June 22. I will reach Chicago around 9:30 to 10 a.m. the morning of June 22. I’m staying with my friend Sonya, who I know from an online group we operate together. We decided to go do a bunch of free stuff like the Magnificant Mile, Millenium Park, the Chicago River and the Sears Tower.

I leave Chicago the night of June 24 and fly to Atlanta, Ga. for the National Spina Bifida Association Conference. This will be the first time I have attended the conference as an adult but I’ve been several times as a kid.
Here’s my hotel where I’m staying:
My hotel in Atlanta

The cool thing is, I was able to get almost my entire trip to the conference funded through the SBA of Arkansas.

I leave Atlanta June 28 and fly back to Tulsa. I’m spending a few days with my friends there including a wedding for a friend in one of my support groups there and my friend’s birthday party.

The whole trip will be a lot of fun! I’ll have all kinds of pictures when I get back…I just bought my first digital camera.

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