Thursday September 7, 2006

I’m three weeks away from being one year out from my surgery and today, I reached my unofficial year-long goal!

When I first had the surgery, I thought OK, if I can lose 100 pounds in a year I’m doing great. Well, when I lost the 100 pounds in six and a half months, I was ecstatic and thought ok, I can definitely lose at least 50 more by my one-year anniversary! Well then the dreaded summer slow down happened and I thought I would only lose a few more pounds. I thought OK, if I can lose a total of 125 pounds that will be good in a year.

Today, I was feeling depressed and all I wanted to do is eat. Instead, I called my best friend and decided to go weigh. I figured it would either kick me in the butt or encourage me. It freakin encouraged me and I’m totally pumped now! I hit my goal of 125 pounds lost ON THE DOT. This means I only have 85 pounds until my gigantic goal, which is to be ready for plastics by my 30th birthday. I know it’s a crazy goal considering how much my weight loss has slowed down, but it gives me something to work for, right?


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