Wednesday October 25, 2006

For those who don’t know it, I got a new chair today. I’m mucho happy about it now although I was frustrated with it earlier. This chair is a Quickie 2, which is the kind that can be adjusted for me as I lose the buttload of weight I plan to continue losing. What’s also cool about this chair is that it’s MUCH smaller than my other one and the technology is better. It fits completely in my chairtopper so I’m able to use the footrests. I couldn’t use them on my other chair because they didn’t fit in the chairtopper and they were too hard to get on and off. I also like how I sit better. I’m thinking having the better posture and firmer seat will help the pain in my dislocated hip. I also just like having a new shiny chair! The old one was always a source of guilt and frustration for me.

Anyways, here is a photo of the new chair. (I have an irritated eye so I’m wearing my glasses and my hair is braided, I’m not a fuzz head).

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  1. congrats on the chair and the weight loss! try lowering or removing the armrests – you look a little hunched over (like how i used to look) and i think you’d be more comfortable. when you outlose this chair, definitely try to go to joe thieme’s session on wheelchair fitting at the conference for your next one….he totally changed my life and could definitely give you some awesome tips on seating, especially considering the hip. again, congrats!! 🙂

  2. Hi! I have quickie too 🙂 Did you ever tried power-wheelchair? I would love to have one, but…

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