Monday March 19, 2007

Most of you know my struggles to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve taken medicine, I’ve rearranged my bedroom, done lots of things. My bed started out by my window and that was the best set up except that I would wake up with such cold hair that it would make my hair have a wet, icy feel. So I had some friends move my bed to the corner and it was caddy corner. My dresser was placed in the opposite corner on the same wall. The problem with that was, my pillows kept falling down behind my bed since it was in the V of the corner. That drove me nuts and made me wake up with a neck ache from clenching to my pillows with my head. I decided I HAD to make a change.

So I did it myself. I figured out how to move my own bed so that it was up against the wall at the head but still allowed me room to manuever on each side of the bed. This still left my tables, baker’s rack, book shelf and dresser all bunched up on one wall and it drove me nuts. My room was still not a relaxing place. I decided I wanted to be all independent so …you guessed it … I moved the stuff myself. I figured out a way to move all the furniture around BY MYSELF. I’m actually pretty proud of how my room looks now. It’s not perfect but I think it will serve me well.

Here are the pictures of my triumph (what the pictures are of are pretty self explanatory):


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