Tuesday April 17, 2007

I’ve had several friends and family members notice that I haven’t been blogging much lately and they’re right. Before tonight, it had been nearly two weeks I believe since I last wrote here. Rest assured, I haven’t run out of words!

Actually I have been too busy living life to write much about it. So what has Miss Jamie been up to?

Well, for one thing, I’m dating someone. This is my first grown up relationship and I connect with this wonderful man better than I have with anyone. I’ve purposefully not blogged about it yet because no one needs to read the play-by-play of my dating life. I wanted to protect the thing that was developing with John and I wanted to be respectful. But at the same time, we talk about the people we care about so now seemed to be a good time to share. Here’s a shot of us on the night he asked me officially to be his girlfriend:

I’ve also been busy with work, which is really picking up right now. I’m an education reporter and all the schools are starting to have their end-of-year stuff. There’s events to cover and events to coordinate getting submitted items because I can’t cover them in person. There’s also been a lot of press conferences and meetings lately. There’s also been several major special sections that we’re working on. So yeah, I’m busy.

As those who follow my blogs know, I’m also going back to school to become a teacher. I’ve been busy taking tests to get ready for the nontraditional licensure program (I passed all of them!). I have also been taking the prerequisite classes and am about to enroll in another. The reading classes meet on Saturdays and I’ll be in class every Saturday until the first week of May. I also need to get my FBI background check done and get a few other things taken care of before I can apply to the program. I really hope I get in.

I also went to Tulsa the first weekend in April for the first time since December. It was a whirlwind one-night trip but it was so great to see a lot of my friends. I got to spend time with one of my best friends and her family … I consider them part of my family.

I’ve also been busy doing some freelance work. I just wrote my third article for the Spina Bifida Association of America’s newsletter “Insights”. It’s been a lot of fun writing for a national audience about a variety of subjects … and getting paid to do it!
On top of the ongoing stuff I’ve had taxes, which I do myself; loans to figure out, bills to figure out and somewhere in there I’ve tried to get some sleep! 

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  1. Hey Girl, Your life sounds like its going just the way it should. Isn’t it wonderful to be living life rather than just write about it. Good going with returning to college. I know those the tests you mentioned and they are tough. Good for you!!!

    The photo of you and John is darling, you look like a wonderful couple. I don’t blame you for maybe being a bit selfish with this relationship. Some things need some private time. Take all that you need.

    Thanks for sharing your very busy life with us, just know that we do understand and wish you all the best.

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