Monday June 18, 2007

I wear my contacts most the time now but there are times when I need to wear my glasses or I would simply prefer to wear them.

The problem is, my glasses are so scratched up and the anti-scratch layer is peeling so badly that I can hardly see out of them. I also think the prescription needs tweaking. I have a new prescription from my eye doctor, I just haven’t had the time or money to replace my current lenses.

My original plan was to simply replace the lenses in my current frames. After all, they aren’t really all that outdated. But I then started looking at recent photos of me with my glasses and realized they don’t look right anymore. I then realized that I had gone to this style when I was at my highest weight, about 140 pounds ago. My face shape has changed, or I guess the better way to say it is my face shape is finally getting a chance to emerge now that the superfluous fat is fading away. What used to look normal for my face and was actually sort of attractive:
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now seems to overcome my face a little bit:
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The difference is actually more subtle in the above photo, but I can assure you the frames just don’t look as nice as they did.

Anyways, I’m wondering from you all what type of glasses you think I should look for (remember I’m broke so don’t go designer on me), and how I can find out what my face shape is and what glasses would look best on me.

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