Friday July 31, 2009

I recently joined a new endeavor that hopes to bring what I call a “daily dose of Jesus” into the lives of believers. The site is called Daily Jesus and it can be found at It’s a blog site where a team of users (including myself) plan to post blogs, Bible studies and other information that will bless fellow believers in their daily walk.

Here’s what they say about themselves on the site: “You can expect to find at Daily Jesus a  God-fearing, Bible-learning, People-serving network of followers of Jesus Christ.  It is our desire to provide content and resources that will encourage  one another towards deeper participation in the mission of the Church.”

Anyways, I’m excited about this endeavor but of course I’m nervous, for several reasons. I should note that I will not be copying my posts that I write for that site on to here or any of my personal blog sites but I will post a link here when I post on Daily Jesus. The reason for this is that, if I copy verbatim my posts from Daily Jesus onto another site, it will appear that either I stole content from them or they stole content from me. It’s just a tricky aspect of online content that I’m choosing to handle in this manner. All that said, I’m guessing that a majority of my spiritual-related blogs will be posted to Daily Jesus but like I said, I will post a link here so my friends and family will still be notified of a new post. Here’s the link to my first post, by the way: When is it a God thing?

I ask for prayer for this site as it gets going. Pray for those of us who write will bring glory to God, not ourselves, in our work. Pray for our attitudes to follow the afore-mentioned desire. Also pray for those who see the site, that they will be blessed and if they are not already a believer, that God will speak to them through the site and they will come to know him.

On another note, you can follow Daily Jesus in several other forms including Facebook and on Twitter

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