Tuesday August 18, 2009

Amid all our flea eradication this weekend, we took the chance to repot two of our trees. One is an indoor draginacea that was in a small pot in our living room.

It now is in a big red ceramic pot and looks like this

The second tree is outside and is actually the one I’m most proud of. I call it my “Eureka Pizza” tree because I got it for purchasing a certain amount of pizza from a local pizza place (@eurekapizza on Twitter). It was either around Arbor Day or Earth Day when they had the promotion. If you spent $10 on pizza you got a starter for either a red mulberry or a red oak, both Arkansas native trees. I chose a red mulberry because I was told it would grow slower. We put it in a small pot to see what happened and the little thing has flourished. I put it in what seemed to be a more natural looking, outdoor container. We hope to plant it somewhere on our property when we get our own home.

Here’s what it looks like now!

Someday we hope to have more trees, both inside and out. We hope to live in a rural or at least a small-town environment where we can have land. I’d love to have plenty of pretty trees. John’s also talked about having a miniature orange tree in the house at some point.

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