Where oh where did Jamie go?

It’s true. It’s been many months since I last updated my blog. As you visited this site, you may have noticed that it’s well, a little nekkid. (Yes, I said nekkid.)

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. A few months ago, my blog, personal Web site and several other people’s Web sites and blogs were wiped out by a hacker. Not only did the meanie wipe out our main sites, but the backup servers as well. All content was lost.

My friend who hosts my sites for me fought valiantly to get our sites up and running again but all data was lost. I was excited to have access to my blog again because I had so much I thought I needed to write about and share. Then “it” happened.

By “it”, I mean life. I just got too busy doing… stuff. Some of that stuff I will share in future posts but to sum it up, I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues plus I had a life-changing event happen in October. I lost my job. I was laid off because of the merger of two competing newspapers.

After about two weeks of searching for another job, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I created my own job by creating my own company. I have been working to make that company support itself so it can in turn start paying me!

So as you can see, I’m still around and I’m doing OK, just have not had the opportunity to write “for me.” I can’t promise how much I will update this blog, but I will attempt to be more regular. Just like the previous version of this blog (pre-hacker), there are three categories of posts so even if you don’t see a blog entry written on the front page, check the other categories (over on the right hand side of the screen) to see if there’s something new. The three categories are “Life,” which will be life updates, etc.; “Reflections,” which will be thoughts or ideas that I believe are universal and not necessarily about my life; and “Other Writings,” which is where I will share links to writings I’ve done elsewhere when appropriate.

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