Recipe: Easy chocolatey torte (from Betty Crocker)

I have two disclaimers I must first put out there before I share this delectably delightful dessert!

A) I did not come up with this recipe. I’m only sharing it here because I realize most people aren’t going to notice it because it’s on the side of a brownie box. I’m still sharing the recipe because they may take it off soon, who knows? This is a Betty Crocker recipe and is found on this box

B) If you don’t like chocolate, this dessert may not be for you.

Now for the recipe.

What you need:

13×9 dish (I like Pyrex)

-Aluminum foil

-Box of Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Brownies (I bet other fudge brownies would work, not sure)

-all the ingredients required by the box instructions to bake the brownies

-jar of Rich n Creamy Betty Crocker (or whatever brand, I bet) icing

-broken pieces of candy (recipe says chocolate/peanut butter cups, which are amazing. I also think it would be good with broken up chocolate/mint candies or simply dark chocolate chips or white chocolate chips)


-Mix the brownies with the eggs/oil/water per the package instructions (including how high to preheat the oven, etc)

-Pour the mix in the pan AFTER lining it with aluminum foil that is sprayed well with cooking spray. Make the foil go over all the edges by an inch or two

-Bake according to instructions on the box

-Take out of the oven and cool for an hour and a half (90 minutes…and yes, I really do mean that long)

-Carefully lift the brownies by the foil and turn them over onto a serving plate (or back into the Pyrex dish if you don’t care if it looks pretty…this is what we do!)

-Peel the foil carefully until it’s removed (This is where I hope you don’t suddenly realize you forgot the cooking oil)

-Cut the cake lengthwise (we couldn’t figure out if this meant down the middle so that the halves were side by side, or on top of each other so we just did it the easy way … side by side halves). Leave one half on the plate or in the dish and place the other half to the side for a bit.

-Take the icing out of the container and place in a microwave-safe bowl. Nuke it for about 15-20 seconds.

-Spread some of the icing on the top of the first half of the brownies until it’s well covered. It’s OK to taste the icing a couple times while doing this. After all, you must make sure it’s safe for your family/guests.

-Place the second half of the brownies on the icing, making like a sandwich-looking thing of chocolate wonderfulness.

-Ice the top layer until well covered. See above note about tasting the icing during this process. It’s still true.

-Sprinkle the broken up candy pieces all over the top over the dessert until it’s as covered as you want it. (Again, the original recipe calls for peanut butter cups but I want to try peppermint patties or something similar as well).

-Let the dessert sit for 30 minutes for it all to cool or something. (I would suggest leaving the room or the entire house to avoid the temptation to eat it early).

-Send a thank you note to Betty Crocker for making such deliciousness and me for telling you about it (this last part is optional)

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