Fish for the fish haters

Fish can be made delightful even for those of us who don't care for seafood

I’m not a big fan of fish. In fact, in some cases it grosses me out to watch and/or hear people eat dishes like boiled shrimp, crab legs or lobster. It’s the slimy, sucking noise that I just can’t stand.

But there are some mild fish dishes that I not only enjoy, but really relish. Here’s two recipes that are really simple and pretty cheap.

Charcoal smoked tilapia

What you need:

  • Defrosted tilapia fillets
  • Aluminum foil
  • Butter
  • Lime juice
  • Peppercorn pepper
  • Charcoal grill

What you do:

Make a tray like shape out of the aluminum foil so that there’s a flat space for the chicken but the sides come up far enough that the juices stay contained

Place two fish fillets per aluminum foil tray

Place thin slices of butter down the middle of each fillet.

Spray generously with lime juice, until there’s a bit of a puddle in the aluminum foil.

Sprinkle the peppercorn pepper over the fillets to fit your preference. We like ours pretty generously peppered.

Place the trays of fillets on the grill and cook. The fish will not have to be turned.

Cook  with the lid shut until the fillets are easily flaked with a fork. They will have a smooth, pepper and smoky taste that can’t be matched!

Salmon loaf

Believe it or not, I loved this as a kid. It was one of the only fish recipes my mom could get me to eat!

What you need:

A can or two of salmon, drained

Minced dry or regular chopped onion

Pepper to taste

Crushed saltine crackers (about 5 per can of salmon)

1 large egg

Optional: chopped celery

What you do:

OK, are you ready? All you do is mix everything together. It doesn’t matter what order but make sure it all gets blended well.

Form it into a loaf shape.

Bake it at 350 in a foil-lined or baking-sprayed baking dish until it’s cooked through.

Serve with ketchup.

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