Meet Flower!

As it turns out, I think that “third time is the charm” applies to Flower Smith.

Flower is the latest addition to our family: a 1-year-0ld, mostly Shepherd mix that we adopted from the Fayetteville Animal Services.

Hi, my name is Flower! What’s yours?


We have been talking about getting a dog for well, pretty much the entire five years we’ve been together. We had to wait until we were A) married and B) owning our own home with a fenced-in yard. Well, we’ve been married more than 3 years and last January, we moved into our very first home.

Loves car trips!

We researched breeds and decided what criteria needed to be met when choosing a pet. We also waited for warmer night-time temperatures so we could use the garage as a place to keep the dog at night for the first little bit while the cats and new dog became acclimated.

This weekend, we had a whole bunch of shelter/rescue visits planned but it only took the first one for us to find our girl. She truly did pick us! When we went to the shelter we were feeling discouraged after seeing all the dogs inside because none that were still available seemed to respond to us.

We then went to the outdoor runs and one dog in particular had her eyes on John from the first moment he came outside. Her kennel was the last in a long row but she watched John and whimpered the whole time he walked down the row. I think it was love at first sight for both of them!

Flower was brought up to the landing for me to meet and I adored her too. Great personality, right size, good breed (I really like Australian Shepherds and that’s primarily what she is). We had her cat tested and I asked John if he wanted to keep her on the list. He said, no, he wanted to get her! So, we walked out with a new doggie in hand.

She loves the monkey almost as much as she loves her new daddy!

So what do I mean when I saw “third time is the charm?” Flower had arrived at the shelter about a month before and had been adopted twice by different college students who immediately returned her because …. it turned out they weren’t supposed to have a dog (or similar reasons). Basically, it was the crazy humans’ fault, not hers. Well, her third adoption is going to stick!

We think she’s great. The shelter had called her Flower and we agreed it seemed to fit her. She’s petite, feminine and pretty. I told John that any good Southern child needs a middle name so I call her Flower Blossom sometimes.

So far, things have gone surprisingly well. The cats are far from thrilled, but so far everyone is at least somewhat peaceful. We’ve taken her on several car rides and she loves it! She also went to Petsmart with us and got to greet lots of other dogs.

We love having Flower in our lives and feel privileged to share our home with another one of God’s creatures.

Enjoying her new backyard!



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  1. I love her already! And Big John does too! Her Aunts Little Girl and Ginger can hardly wait til they meet her!

    Grandma Smith

  2. So happy to hear of new family member. Looks like everyone is doing well and glad there is plenty of love in your new home to share with your pet.

  3. She is gorgeous! I love the light patches over her eyes, my grandma had a golden
    retriever, she had dark patches on light fur. Anyway, be prepared for her to use those
    to her advantage when she wants to look pleading 🙂 Can I ask how much the process cost?
    Was she already housebroken? We all want a dog, and it’s probably going to be a large dog 🙂 Congrats on your newest family member!

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Lois-so far she is GREAT around other dogs. I bet she would be great with Ginger and Little Girl!

    Aunt-Thank you!

    Valerie-we were surprised with her history that someone had started housetraining her. She’s not had an accident yet unless she’s locked in the garage for more than 4-5 hours. That’s perfectly understandable! Each shelter will vary on how much they charge but we got her for $60. I really recommend shelters or humane societies because the dog will come microchipped, temperament tested, spayed/neutered and in general checked out by a vet. If you just buy a dog, all that can cost you quite a bit to do on your own. Spays, by the way, cost more than a neuter because spaying is more invasive.

    I think your family would do great with a dog! Australian shepherds are really well behaved and are a good size. Corgis are also a good option. Labs shed like the dickens but they are friendly with kids most of the time.

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