A different take on the idea of harvest

womenblogger-main_400x400I recently had the honor of guest posting on the Arkansas Women Bloggers site. Each month, we have a different theme and for October, the theme is “harvest.” I chose to talk about harvesting leaders and community.


Here is an excerpt:

“Let’s look at this idea of “harvest” from a different angle. We grow more than fruit, vegetables and grains, right? Let’s talk about how we grow and “harvest” both leaders and a community. In my opinion and experience, harvesting leaders and community go hand-in-hand and hold similar ideas.

The key to developing both community and leaders is the idea of investing in people. Sometimes this investment means money, but money is a means to an end. Investing also means believing in, focusing on, and developing individuals.

First, I will share my own story of investing in people then challenge all of us to find what this idea of harvesting leaders and community means for each of us.”

Read more at the Arkansas Women Bloggers blog.

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