Celebrating National Women’s Friendship Day with #NWARKCares

Celebrating National Women’s Friendship Day with #NWARKCares

Two lonely-eyed boys in a pick-up truck And they’re drivin’ through the rain and the heat And their skin’s so sweaty they both get stuck To the old black vinyl seats And it’s Abbott and Costello meet Paul and Silas It’s the two of us together and we’re puttin’ on the mileage And we both … Read More

Captivated Heart and beauty

A few weeks ago, I attended the Captivating Heart retreat in Colcord, Oklahoma and I received life-changing revelations. At least life-changing if I let it be that way! I recently shared my thoughts about one of the sessions with the Captivating Heart blog. Read more here:¬†http://captivatingheart.com/guest-post-who-i-really-am/ I want to share much more about this retreat, … Read More

Writing about writing (Or a journal about a journey)

“The moment a man begins to talk about technique, that’s proof he is fresh out of ideas.” Raymond Chandler I see Mr. Chandlers point in the quote above and considering I’m writing about writing today, it seems like an odd choice of quote to use in my blog. It just made me giggle to find that … Read More