Experience Captivating Heart this October. You will not regret it

Church top
This is the chapel at Village on the Creeks in Rogers. It’s a quiet chapel used for prayer and sometimes weddings.

About a year ago, I attended the leadership retreat for the Captivating Heart Women’s Retreat. We were preparing the final details of the 2014 retreat and it was also a chance for the leadership team to come closer together in Christ.

I can’t really adequately describe how passionate I am about the Captivating Heart message-how God sees us, how my identity as a woman reflects God’s eternal beauty. It’s where I first came to the idea of being enough.

Once I better understood who I am in God (and who I am not), I started to better understand the idea of worshiping God. It makes perfect sense, really. If I better understand who I am and who God is, it will be a more fulfilling relationship.

Back to this leadership retreat. This group of women are the only people with whom I feel I am completely free to explore who God is and how I relate to him. There are no “shoulds” with this group. It was during this leadership retreat that God really blessed me with the idea that I can worship him in any way that I can and want. But also that I should worship him with all that I have.  Read More

‘There is freedom’ (a few thots about Independence Day and our nation)

I received a $25 gift certificate from Family Christian in exchange for a post about the Fourth of July. All editorial direction, opinions, and thoughts are my own. All the photos are mine and all the graphics are pictures from creative commons with my text overlay. The text is obviously from the Bible.

2 Corinthians 3-17New International


My heart is heavy but hopeful as I write this blog. One would think that a blog about the Fourth of July should be all sparkle and fireworks but that’s not where my heart is right now. I’m asking for forgiveness in advance because this will be one of those blogs where I ramble and share my heart, not one where I have tons of pretty pictures and happy thoughts.

My heart has been increasingly heavy at how far we have fallen out of God’s will as a nation. No, not fallen. We’ve chosen to move farther and farther to where I don’t think we can really call ourselves a Christian nation anymore. It feels hopeless. It feels infuriating. It feels almost dangerous and threatening.  Read More

Sharing Captivating Heart over at Coffee with Jen




Earlier this week, I was incredibly honored to guest post at my friend’s blog, Coffee with Jen. Jen and I met at a scrapbooking shindig a couple years ago but have become friends through our love of blogging.

I am very grateful that she let me share about Captivating Heart and how that retreat and curriculum helped me through an identity crisis I didn’t see coming.

Go to her blog now and check out my article Solving an Identity Crisis through Captivating Heart (then go look around at more of Jen’s blogs. Great stuff!)