Relying on the Rock in 2021

This is my Facebook cover photo to represent my theme for the year.
You can see larger versions of each verse at the bottom.

Uncertainty. Unprecedented. New normal. All these words seemed to be the theme for 2020. I’m pretty sure all of us had big plans and expectations for what last year would be and if you’re anything like me, it seemed like every time you made plans, something got in the way.

Anyone who has read my blog for long probably realizes that I choose a One Word or theme for my year. I was feeling so adrift and hopeless when I tried to come up with one. It felt like God wasn’t giving me the word(s) like he usually does every year. I was living in frustration that every goal or every theme I tried to land on was discarded because I couldn’t rely on what was happening in the coming days, weeks, and months.

That’s when it hit me. I was getting my theme the whole time. The only thing that is always certain, always precedented, and always expected is God. He’s the unmovable rock that we can lean on and that protects us from the storms. Or at least gives us something to rely on in the storms.

I decided my One Word would be Rock and the hashtag would be #RelyOnTheRock. And in the last month, I’ve been seeing that theme in a lot of places. There are even several studies on the Bible app that I’ve been meaning to do.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m living shiftless in life. I don’t even know how to do that. I would make not having a goal a goal. But it looks different. There are things I would like to accomplish this year but I’m trying to not have expectations on what that will look like by 2022. Instead, I’m focusing on my goals for each month and prioritizing them to give myself grace on if (and likely when) they don’t get reached.

What word or theme are you exploring this year? Leave me a comment!

By the way, here are those three verses individually so they can be easier to read:

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