Ozark Pudding recipe (bread pudding-inspired apple and pecan cake)


I don’t remember exactly how I came to discover Ozark Pudding, but our lives are forever changed because of it! It’s interesting to me how there are so many different ways to make this delectable southern dish and truth be told, they are all good.

The recipe we settled on for our first time was from Deep South Dish and it was fantastic! The crust rose perfectly to the top with the soft portion underneath being like an apple pecan pie consistency. We also tried the same ingredients in a bread pan and it was a little bit thicker.

Then, we decided to start experimenting. We tried different pans, different sweeteners, different methods of slicing the apples, more flour, less flour, you name it. We even talked about trying pear instead of apple but never got around to it.

What we came up with is more like a custardy bread pudding and it’s delicious! Read More

When your husband loves blueberry, you love it when you find recipes like this smokey grilled blueberry crunch

When your husband loves blueberry, you love it when you find recipes like this smokey grilled blueberry crunch

Blueberry fixed



Most people who know me know I like sweets but because of health reasons, I only eat them in small amounts. My favorite is chocolate (especially chocolate with mint or toffee). My husband, though? Not so much. He’s developed more of a sweet tooth since marrying me but I swear he would have had steak as his groom’s cake instead of actual cake at our wedding if I had agreed to it.

The one exception seems to be blueberries. Not just anything flavored blueberry, either. I am always buying him blueberry flavored stuff and sometimes it hits the mark and sometimes it’s out in left field of dessert land.

So last year when he found a blueberry dessert on Facebook, we of course made it. And we both loved it. A lot. It’s a blueberry crunch dessert that you make on the grill, which means two things: no heating up the oven and it gets a rich, almost smokey flavor from the charcoal. Another aspect of this blueberry crunch that I like is that it uses pineapple to blend with the blueberry instead of the traditional lemon. John really doesn’t like lemon-flavored anything and I’m not a big fan of blueberry and lemon together.

I honestly don’t know where the original came from except for “Facebook” but I was able to find it in a couple of places like here. We used almost identical ingredients with some variations for taste or, if I’m being honest, because I got the wrong stuff. Read More