Monday August 22, 2005

I’ve had a few days to calm down and think more clearly.

I’m still very concerned about getting the surgery approved properly and in a timely manner so that I can use my PTO. I really need answers in the next couple of weeks! Unfortunately my psych test results are STILL not back yet and my surgeon is unable to help me because of that new stupid privacy law. I am now calling every day instead of every other day about my results.

About the new insurance… once I get this surgery disaster figured out, I think the new place will actually be better. I was initially upset that I will essentially be paying $40 more a month for my portion, but the medicine is a lot cheaper and my deductible is much much much less. Ironically, the surgery will probably make me not have to take my three most expensive medications, but I will still have to take my antideppressant, allergy medicine and my thyroid medicine. All of those are like $7 each on the new plan. My copays will also be less.

I know a lot of my blog is negative right now and I’m trying to not to be a grously grump. I’m just under so much stress right now with my thyroid, the surgery, my car being in the shop, work and just some personal issues going on right now.

I promise stuff will get better. Please pray.


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