Wednesday August 24, 2005

Whew. This is a frantic, scary whirlwind. A few updates in the last few hours:

* Finally got a hold of my therapist and she is faxing over the MMPI results. She said I looked very normal and the few things that were red flags she said she understood why I have it so she is approving me for surgery.

* I know for sure that the new insurance with the new company won’t work. So, I am working on trying to get the surgery scheduled early. I have to figure out the financing and the schedule but I am willing to jump through their hoops like a pony, a dog or an oompah loompah. I don’t know if oompah loompahs jump through hoops but you know what I’m saying.

* I did find out that COBRA is possible through my old company and while expensive, it’s half of what I thought it was going to be. It’s about $470 a month and I thought it was going to be like $1,200. So what I can do if I have to is pay the COBRA and have the same coverage.

*I also found out that I can sell back my PTO at the full rate of pay, not the usual 40 percent that we usually get for sell back. This means that I can sell back the PTO (nearly 170 hours) and then put that money back into an account and use it to live on when I need to take time off, even if it does end up being later.

Right now I need prayers that my current insurance will agree to pay for the surgery. I need this information VERY quickly, so pray that red tape gets lifted.

Once that gets done, pray that there are openings so I can get in for a surgery quicker than the normal six weeks.

Also, please pray for my finances. I don’t make enough money to support myself, let alone pay for a huge medical expense. I need the bank to approve my loan but I haven’t asked for it yet.

I know I’m vomiting details on here but I need to talk about this and writing about it keeps my mind sane. By writing in a public blog, I’m serving my need to write but also my desire to keep everyone updated without having to answer a gabillion questions.

Please if you have time, sign my guestbook or leave comments or emails with any thoughts or suggestions.


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  1. Hi Jamie! Good luck! I will be sending good vibes and thoughts your way. I had mine on the 8th of August…and feel GREAT!! I am so happy!!! Again, wish you luck and will be check in on you! Tracy

  2. Thank you, Tracy. I appreciate it. I read your blog too and it sounds like you’re doing great. Good luck! Jamie

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