Friday August 26, 2005

I got word from the surgeon’s office and they sent off my insurance approval forms FRIDAY! I have no idea how long it will take to hear back but they said it never takes more than two weeks.

I’ve decided to go ahead and COBRA my current insurance (unless they flat out deny my claim) and then sign up with my new company’s insurance at a later date. While the $470 a month is more than I can afford, it’s a lot better than paying for my entire surgery by myself, which is what I would face with the new insurance.

I now need to start thinking about financing. I am going to have to go to Arvest and ask for a bank loan. I’m going to wait and find out how much I owe then ask for a full amount.

I’m also going to sell back my PTO and then use my right to have the Family and Medical Leave Act to have the surgery. I think.


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  1. Good to have an update. This has been such a crazy process for you! I hope it comes through soon, Riss

  2. Thanks, Lorissa. You’re right, this has been absolutely nuts. In this process I’ve had two surgeons, will have had two insurance companies and will have lots and lots of costs. I can’t wait for tax time…all my medical expenses will be high enough that they are tax deductible! That’s what I’ve been told anyways.

    I really want this surgery. I’m ready.

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