Sunday October 16, 2005

I start back to work tommorrow. I’m nervous for a lot of reasons. I’m not wanting to answer a lot of questions about where I’ve been and I don’t want to overdo it at work. I’m going to just cover one meeting so I should be fine. I’ll also be going in late afternoon so there will be fewer people there to ask a lot of questions. This surgery and whole process is still very fresh and very personal for me and I don’t like being asked a lot of questions about it. Some have taken that as me being ashamed and that isnt even close to being it. I just don’t want to answer the same questions over and over nor do I want to hear people’s comments right now. I know that sounds weird, but it’s how I feel right now.

I’m going back to work on half days for at least the first week and see how I do. I’m still trying to get all my protein and water in and it’s still really hard. It will get better though.


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  1. Hey lady ~ yes, it is a bit hard in the begining — but it does get easier! Make sure that you get some exercise in. You will really be motivated as the pounds come off! I am down 57lbs as of today! Wahoooo! 246 to 189! I can’t believe I am in the 80’s again! I can’t wait to see the 70’s, 60’s and the 50’s!  If I am a really good girl, I might even get to see the 40’s! Good luck and take care of YOU.

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