Thursday November 10, 2005

I just heard back from my endo and I got back all decent test results from my first round of testing since the surgery.

I had to have my protein and hemoglobin checked for Dr. G. The hemoglobin was because I
had to leave the hospital a tad low because they couldn’t transfuse me. It is now very normal.
My protein is low, but I was expecting it to be like waaaaaaayyyyy low and it’s not. Normal
range is 17 to something and I’m at 15. That can be fixed in time.

My A1C (first one postop) was in the 5 range, which is good so I don’t have to go back on my
diabetic meds. My TSH (thyroid indicator) came back high of course but that was expected. It
is the lowest it’s been since I was diagnosed with the Graves Disease and that’s a good
thing. I had to increase my levoxyl but that’s ok. Soon I should be normal on that front.

I love seeing my endo and his nurse. They always make me feel so good about myself. They were the ones to influence me to choose the gastric bypass. I had been talked to about it thousands of times before but they were the ones that led me to actually want to do it. Going to their office is almost like therapy for me.


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