Friday November 18, 2005

I added this page to my personal Web site. I have no idea how often it will be updated.

Overall things are going okay. I of course am still having trouble eating enough but that’s normal. I’ll work up to a healthier calorie count. Except for the normal stuff the only struggle I’m having some trouble with well-meaning and curious people being nosy and quite frankly, not minding their own business. I’m already getting a lot of the “can you eat that?”and “are you eating too much?” I’m also frustrated with being told how to handle my new lifestyle or even the nutrient information in food. People who have heard I’ve had it and read about it on the net think they are now experts. Even if they sorta or really know what they are talking about, it is still inappropriate to make these comments to me.

IIIII was the one to have the courage to research this and make the decision to permanently alter my body and my lifesyle in an effort to take my life back. I did not let anyone else’s thoughts or opinions affect my decision. That means that I am the one to make these decisions and I am the sole person to pay the concequences when I screw up. I’m in a state of constant change right now and yes, some things I eat will make me sick. But I have to learn that for myself. It is up to no one else to have an opinion or try to control this part of my life. The comments are simply not appreciated and they are disrespectful of the courageous steps I’ve taken in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I know friends and everyone else makes these comments out of concern but it still isn’t appreciated.

Ok well, vent over. This wasn’t about any one or two people. I get it a lot and I know I will get more. I A) needed to vent and B) needed to just let everyone know how much it upsets me so they can realize they are being hurtful, not helpful.

Anyways, enjoy the photos. Jamie

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