Wednesday November 23, 2005

I don’t have a lot to say about my doctor appointment Tuesday. Everything is fine and so far I’m doing well. I can also have any food I want and can tolerate now. I’ve lost 49 pounds in seven weeks, which averages out to a pound a day. I go back in February.

After my appointment, I went to two friends of mine who had the surgery with the same surgeon. They are a married couple. I was there until 11 p.m. so I obviously got home pretty late from Tulsa. We just had soooo much fun. She made the best fajitas I’ve ever had. The chicken was so tender.


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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I hope you had a good thanksgiving. We had dinner at the Eikelberners, which is where I nanny. My good friend Krista came and celebreated with us…I think you’ve met her. I am looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

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