Wednesday December 7, 2005

I’m really looking for this weekend. Not only am I sick of this week already but I have a great weekend planned. It will be the first time I’ve been somewhere overnight since staying in the hospital two and a half months ago. I leave Saturday for Tulsa and won’t be back until late Monday night.

Saturday is the formal Christmas party for the support group sponsored by my surgeon’s office. It’s a really large group that has a lot of fun together. Our party is at the Sheraton in Tulsa and it goes until midnight so I’m staying the night there at the hotel. I was going to stay a second night but I got invited to spend the night at some new friends’ house. The Terrells both had the surgery with my surgeon and they are wonderful people with three great sons. I’m hanging out with them Sunday. I have an appointment in Tulsa with the pulmonologist then I will either go Christmas shopping in Tulsa that afternoon or I will hang out at their house. Then we have the support group meeting Monday night. After the meeting a bunch of the group goes to Golden Corral for dinner. That place honors our medical alert cards that allows us to get the child’s price for the buffet. They have tons of meat so it’s good for what I need. I’ll head back late after that.

I really need this break. I need to be around people who are going through the same thing as I am so I can just be myself. I also need to get away from my life here for a while so this will be good.


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