Thursday December 1, 2005

Loosely to the tune of “Happy Trails”

Happy Trails to milk
You’ve made me sick again
Happy Trails to milk
The dumps aren’t if but when
Who cares about ice cream in hot weather,
A sugar free popsicle is now what I’d rather
Happy Trails to milk
Let’s hope we can meet again.

Ok, so I’m bored and trying to come to terms with the fact that I am for definitely sure lactose intolerant. Interestingly enough, I can still handle cheese well but I get sick within MINUTES of eating sugar free pudding, regular skim milk and other similar items. I get an icky sick feeling soon after having stuff with milk added like tomato soup or even eggs.

I’m hoping this won’t last forever. For some after Gastric Bypass, the lactose intolerance is a phase that the person goes through. For others, it’s a plight for life. I like milk products. But I hate what they do to me so no more. Well, I still have my cheese.


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  1. (to the tune of “you’ve gotta friend in me)

    You’ve gotta friend in cheese
    You’ve gotta friend in cheese
    Eat it everyday …it’s okay
    Cause you’ve gotta friend in cheese.

    Sorry, I was just so inspired by your song. LOL!

    Hey, can you give me any hints on something you’d like for Christmas?

  2. Great song!

    I sent my Christmas list to your rissabell hotmail account. Mom sent me yours already! Love ya

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