Thursday December 22, 2005

None of this is really surgery related I just felt like sharing this post from my other blog.

Ok all I can say is OOOPS. Our staff at work takes an annual Christmas photo to use as a house ad (ad we as a newspaper staff generate ourselves). Well, I had heard you could tell my weightloss in this photo so I asked to see it. I was a bit surprised and dismayed to learn that the way I had held my hands made it appear that I was giving everyone the bird! Apparently, all my bosses had noticed and there was discussion on whether or not to run the photo. I’m not sure what they decided. I’m pretty embarrassed considering I didn’t do it on purpose but it looks like I was doing it on the sly.

I also had another crisis today. My Christmas gifts got all screwed up. I ordered most the gifts online and most have not arrived. Three of them were from the same place and I thought they were coming UPS (it said USPS, I really can read but I was tired) so I had it sent to my office. Well, since it is coming through the regular mail, it won’t be here in time. Our shipping address is different than our mailing address so who knows where the stuff is now. It will eventually get to me, but probably not in time for Christmas. Most my family members are now going to get pieces of paper that show what they are getting instead of their actual gifts! Next year I’m starting my Christmas shopping in November whether I have lists or not….

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  1. This story made me laugh out loud very hard. (at least the first part) That’s stinky about the gifts…i’m so sorry.

  2. LMAO it’s ok Lorissa. Good news, your gifts are sorta here! I haven’t figured out the rest of the family’s though. I have them purchased and they were shipped a weeke ago, but BLECH. Oh well. This will just expand Christmas, right?

    About me flipping off our readers (ACCIDENTLY). I found out even more after I posted this. A coworker hadnt noticed the problem yet and she emailed the photo to some friends that don’t work at the paper. One emailed back and was like, is that girl in the wheelchair flipping off the camera? I can’t decide if I find this mortifying or hysterical! LOL

    HEY>….I meant to call you. IF you can, bring your sis in law pants to Wichita? I’m hoping I can get into mine!

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