Friday December 23, 2005

I tried something new tonight that I’ve heard low-carb dieters rave about. Smashed cauliflower. Apparently you can make mashed potato-like concoctions out of smashing up cauliflower with cream or butter or something. I do realize that it could have been how Ruby Tuesdays prepared the stuff, but I took two bites and can’t get the horrid taste out of my mouth. I’ve taken bites of steak and potato and I can still taste a ghost of it.

A friend of mine who I was eating with gave the perfect answer to my dilemma. She told me how to better prepare the stuff next time: take out the cauliflower and use potato.

Well, I thought it was funny. I decided you know what, veggies make me sick a bit anyways and I can have more carbs than people think I can have. If I want something like that in the future of that consistency, etc., I’m having mashed potatoes darn it!

The whole eating out thing raises a few other issues. One I need to deal with privately for now but the other is a reiteration of something I’ve griped about before. What a person eats, doesn’t eat or whatever is none of the business of anyone else but that person. Why is this so hard for other people to understand? I have NEVER said to any of my friends or family “you know, you really don’t need that” or “should you be eating that?” I find it appalling, hurtful and cruel that people think that is appropriate behavior. I’ve always thought that but before the surgery my self esteem was such that I felt like I deserved that crap. Well no one does.

Now granted, if someone has asked someone to hold them accountable, then that is a different story. The person has invited the invasion. But me or anyone else being fat is not an invitation for any of you or the rest of the world to butt in. I was the one to change my life and have this surgery. It is only me who has to pay the consequences if I eat something that doesn’t work well for me. And unfortunately, yes, that is still changing. What I was able to tolerate a month ago is giving me problems now in regards to digestion but some stuff that I’ve never been able to tolerate now goes down fine and stays there.

I know I’m ranting about this but it’s happened several times to me lately where I’ve gotten comments about my food. While I agree I was taking bites of a non-protein food, A) it was ok food to have and B) even if it was not ok, it was still my decision.

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