Monday January 2, 2006

Obviously I’m back from Wichita after having spent a week there. This was my first Christmas postop and the first time most family had seen me in at least a year and for some, it had been even longer than that.

Overall the holiday and the week went great. I stayed in a hotel so I wouldn’t have to climb the stairs in my parents home. It would have worn me out physically and quite frankly, I’m an adult now and don’t think it’s necessary to crawl around on the floor unless I absolutely have to.

Christmas dinner went really well even though I know my grandmother was disappointed. To make a long story short, there was some confusion on the pickup time for the big turkey dinner that they had ordered so we ended up having stuffed chicken breasts that were FANTASTIC. It digested so much better for me than turkey anyways. I did eat too much pub mix but it didn’t kill me and I ate a lot less food than anyone else there I bet! I’m back on the bandwagon anyways so I’m not concerned.

I only dumped a few times and I threw up once. Of course it was in front of a room full of people, but they understood. I did have one bad restaurant experience but that was just because of overcooked meat. They didn’t charge us for it so it was fine.

The trip home went really well. I got to see family and spend a lot of time relaxing. It went so much better than last Christmas for me but that was also because last Christmas I was dealing with the undiagnosed Graves Disease plus the extra 60 pounds!

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