Monday January 2, 2006

I got part of my life back this last week. It’s been hard for many to understand how this was a problem, but I have not been able to use cruise control on my car for years. The issue is, I can’t wear my leg braces anymore (haven’t in like eight years) and so my ankle is not stablilized. It kinda can flop when I lift my foot. Anyways, for the last few  years, I haven’t been able to lift my foot up to the brake pedal fast enough when I use cruise control so I have had to keep my foot on the gas/brake all the time. This is of course very tiring. Well, I never realized this was the problem, but with my belly being noticeably smaller, my leg has more room to bring the foot up from a resting position without getting stuck on the brake or without me having to swing my leg out to hit the brake. Basically, I can drive normal again LOL.

Anyways, this made my five hour trip to Wichita much more enjoyable and I was very pleased to have this part of my life back.

I’m going to bed now that I’ve scared everyone with a description of my driving LOL.


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