Saturday February 11, 2006

I’m going to Tulsa three times this week. It’s a lot on my gas bill but it’s worth it. That is where my main support is for the surgery. People can be as supportive as humanly possible but unless you’ve actually had the surgery, you just don’t get it. My support group there is filled with people from all backgrounds and situations. Yet we love each other so much from this one common bond.

Anways. I’m going to Tulsa Saturday for dinner and a movie and maybe dancing. Then I go back Monday for the support group meeting. I rarely get to attend those because I have to cover meetings for work on the same night. Monday the schedule is different so I don’t have to work. Then, Friday I have a follow up with my surgeon. Then I have a Valentines Party with another group of people there on Saturday. So, I’m staying with the Terrells all weekend next weekend.

I’m excited but nervous about Monday night because I was asked to give my testimony! They wanted a person who is several months out from their surgery to talk about the challenges and triumphs that they’ve experienced so far. I don’t know what all I’m going to say but I’m excited.

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