Wednesday February 8, 2006

I know that most people don’t like to bring up weight, even in a compliment. I actually really appreciate that. But I can’t help but find it funny that when I go through spurts of people noticing the weightloss, they mention my HAIR! Today I was covering an event and one person was like, oh you got your hair cut! You look so good and healthy. Then about 20 minutes later someone else said oh, you’re letting your hair grow long! I like it, you look so good lately.

Hellloooo, I’ve lost 75 pounds people. I haven’t had my hair cut since December and I’m not letting it grow out long. I’m not upset, I just think it’s funny.

On a completely different note, I will address here some questions I’ve received about something I said in a recent email. I had mentioned that I would be using my newslady email address until I leave Bentonville. Apparently people took this as I am planning to leave Bentonville. Although I alluded to this in the original email, I will repeat. I do not have any current plans to leave Bentonville. This comment was made as in “if/when” I leave.


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  1. 75lbs! You go girl!! Keep up the good work!  I am so totally stuck, I cannot get out of the 160’s. I have been here for about a month! ARGH. So, close to goal, and yet so far away.  How far out are you???

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