Sunday April 9, 2006

This is a follow up to my post a day or so ago about how people see us differently. I have something called a Johari window where people can indicate the top words they would use to describe me. So far 13 people have done this. You can do it too here.Johari window

Here’s my results and how I know the person:
(Sis-in-law) Lorissa thinks: sentimental, knowledgeable, dependable, observant, able, caring.
(Friend, former coworker) Jen C. thinks: caring, kind, warm, loving, sympathetic, giving.
(Friend from GBS support group) Crystal thinks: calm, independent, knowledgeable, witty, warm.
(Friend from work) Rachel 🙂 thinks: adaptable, brave, friendly, independent, warm.
(Friend from GBS support group) christy h. thinks: confident, independent, loving, adaptable, brave, warm.
(Friend from GBS support group) Dave thinks: confident, intelligent, witty, accepting, knowledgeable, extroverted.
(Friend, former coworker) Erin thinks: searching, observant, independent, brave, caring, intelligent.
(Pretty sure this is friend from work) Meglin thinks: cheerful, trustworthy, friendly, loving, intelligent.
(Friend from work) matrowat thinks: friendly, proud, observant, trustworthy, adaptable, clever.
(Friend from GBS support group) Janice thinks: kind, intelligent, reflective, trustworthy, warm, caring.
(Friend from GBS support group) Valerie thinks: observant, intelligent, silly, sympathetic, witty, friendly.
(Online friend who I’ve known for years) $ecret $in thinks: accepting, caring, friendly, intelligent, loving, silly.
(Friend from work) nan thinks: adaptable, dependable, friendly, intelligent, sensible.

Interesting, huh? the most commonly used word to describe me from the list was intelligent, with just more than half the people choosing that word.

Just thought this was cool.


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  1. how do you get a Johari Window?? I think that is pretty cool! I would comment, but I don’t know you very well yet!! 🙂

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