Friday July 21, 2006

Meatloaf puckets

I made a put-together recipe for my meatloaf puckets tonight. For those who don’t know yet, meatloaf puckets are something I made up, well sorta. You make meatloaf but instead of putting it in a loaf, you take a measuring cup and make equal sized portions. This is better for a gastric bypass patient because you know how big the meal is and it makes it easier to figure out nutritional values.


Here’s what I put in together:

-2.25 pounds of 93/7 beef

-minced onion

-minced garlic (I buy the kind in a jar and put in two tablespoons)
-lots of black pepper

-few wrist shakes of Worcestershire sauce

-about a tablespoon or maybe two of parmesan cheese

-three large eggs

-can of Mexican seasoned Rotel

-10 saltines crushed


Mix everything up together (duh) and then use a scoop to make the puckets. I used a half cup scoop and with all those ingredients I got 15 half-cup scoops. I was able to fit 12 in a 9×13 (I think) pan and then I browned the remaining meat for tacos.

Bake the puckets for about 45 minutes on 350.


Here’s how I came up with the nutrition information. I didn’t count the spices, onion or Rotel into it because those had very little nutritional value.


Here’s the counts:


Item     # servings included        Calories            Fat       Carbs   Protein

Beef     9                                  1440                72        0          198

Saltines 10 crackers                   120                  3          22        2

P. cheese          6tsp                  60                    3          6          3

Eggs                 3 eggs              210                  14        3          18

Totals               ****                1830                92        31        221


Totals divided by 15, ½ cup scoops: 122 Calories; 6 Fat; 2 Carbs; 15 Protein

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