Tuesday August 1, 2006

I know many people who have had WLS all had this wow moment but I A) never truly thought it would happen to me and B) was dreading it if it would. Well, it happened and it was actually pretty funny…

I was at a place that works on wheelchairs and I know the lady who works there. She used to be a teacher and she also used to work at my newspaper (before I worked there). Well anyways, when I came in I greeted her but she didn’t think anything of it apparently. As we were talking about the wheelchair situation, I said something about it will be nice when I will be able to get into a smaller chair so I can get around the schools easier (I’m an education reporter). She asked oh, what school do you work at? I thought, um Ok, what is she talking about and I said well all of them. She gave me a look and said well what do you do? I told her Donna, I’m still the education reporter at the Daily Record. Her mouth dropped open and she was like ARE YOU JAMIE? That really took me off gaurd! I of course told her I was and she was flabbergasted. She not only didn’t recognize me, she wasn’t even thinking “where do I know this person from.” But yeah, I guess losing 115 pounds, getting contacts and a perm changes a person’s appearance, eh?


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