Sunday August 13, 2006

I came up with a personal goal last week that I think I had in the back of my head for a while now but it didn’t become real until I typed it to Valerie.

Here’s the thing: I want to be at goal by the time I turn 30. I’m 28 1/2 now. I turn 30 Dec. 16, 2007. I’ve lost about 115 pounds and I have to lose 100 more pounds before I get to the point that Dr. G said I should expect to get and will need reconstructive plastic surgery.

Here’s my question for myself…I’m nearly 11 months out and my weight loss has slowed considerably. Is 100 pounds in 15 1/2 months unrealistic for me at this point? Probably so, but it’s something to shoot for, certainly.

I would also like to have the plastics done by my 30th birthday but that isn’t as important. I think part of me feels like I became morbidly obese at age 18/19 and so I’ve spent my 20s in a less than satisfactory existence. I want my 30s to be filled with more opportunities. Sentimental, I know. but I want this.

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