Monday November 13, 2006

This time it was Saturday morning, not night. I had an interesting wow moment that is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I was so thrilled I had to share.

I have not been able to fit in a bathtub for probably five years at least. I can sit in it but my thighs have either prevented water from going to the back of the tub or prevented it from draining out. I could have the entire front empty of water and completely full behind me. While the water doesn’t drain 100 percent yet, I can lounge in the tub now and be comfy and most the water drains out without me having to squiggle around.

I will still mostly take showers for actual bathing purposes, I just feel cleaner and it’s quicker. But it’s so nice to know that I can soak and shave my legs easier! It’s also just nice to get a part of my life back.

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