Wednesday November 22, 2006

I will rarely if ever again put in my food journal but I had a really rough day and I need to be held accountable. This is NOT to say it’s ok to bitch at me about this.  I’ve been struggling with something and it really bit me in the butt today. I didn’t realize it until it was too late but I was punishing myself with food today. To someone who isn’t a food addict or an addict of any kind, that is hard to understand, I know.


As you can see, I had a very self damaging day today. I am not sure why I did it. Ok, I do, but I don’t wanna talk about it right now LOL. But yeah, each thing individually didn’t kill me. I just ate too much at the beginning and it added up. I need to not have the Oh Yeah bars when I know I’m going to be having a normal food day. They are pretty high up there. I also let myself get hungry in between times because I knew my totals were getting high. That sabotaged me.
Oh well, tommorrow MUST be a better day. I saw a cosmetic surgeon today and he basically told me my issues are so extensive I will have to see a specialist in a big city for all the crap I’m gonna need done. I know that sounds depressing but I was glad to at least know, you know? I am hoping to find someone who does the full lower body lift otherwise I’m going to be having lots of surgeries! I am also going to need major reconstructive work on my boobs.


Today’s Foods
  Food Name Servings Serving Size Cals Fat Carb Prot
Oh Yeah PBJ 370 16 32 27
sf/ff pumpkin pie 176 7 22 7
Kraft To Go! 170 11 10 8
Salty snacks, corn or cornmeal base, tortilla chips 90 5 11 1
Cookie, peanut butter, with chocolate 72 4 9 1
Nectar protein drink 180 0 0 46
Fast foods, cheeseburger, regular, single patty, with condiments 295 14 27 16
Cheese, Colby Jack 217 18 1 14
White pizza, NS as to type of crust 232 8 29 10

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  1. don’t beat yourself up!! when you were talking about your day, i was totally expecting to see a 5,000 calorie intake – it’s honestly not that bad. if you were anything like me, your pre-op eating was ten times worse….and your pouch can only be stretched after serious prolonged eating like this, not one day. major kudos for posting this — if i were putting my journal for people to read, i’d probably get off this plateau…

    going to a specialist in the city is probably a good thing – i’m sure that they have better outcomes, especially in terms of mortality, infection, complications, etc — and i’m betting they know their stuff better too…

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