Thursday February 7, 2008

Wow, two blog entries in two months! Anyone who checks this site with any kind of frequency knows that I haven’t been writing here much lately. Well I haven’t lost the desire for this blog, I just have been too busy living life to write about it! This, along with a few other factors, has led me to rethink this blog a little bit.

This blog was dedicated to my life after having gastric bypass surgery and for the last two years or so, I’ve pretty much interpreted that as meaning that I would only write about things that could somehow be directly related to the surgery. This included hard times of no weight loss, “WOW” moments and even a few philosophical moments.

I don’t plan on changing that, per se. But something I’ve come to realize is that all the moments I have in my life now are because I chose to take my life back. I knew in my mid-20s that at the rate I was going, I probably would not live much past age 35 and I was OK with that. Well I’m now 30 and I bet I have many more years to enjoy.

In my mind, the surgery was just the first step. The weight loss was just a means to an end. I needed to lose weight to be able to properly enjoy life again and I did that with the surgery. The biggest part of my weight loss was the first 18-24 months. I still have about 60 pounds to lose but that will come off with time and patience.

Another part of getting my life back has been working on the emotional side of life. I’ve learned a lot about myself this year and I’ve changed a lot, mostly for the better. Developing a relationship with God, working with a therapist and just taking time has helped a great deal.

So that leads me to how I plan on changing this blog’s overall focus. I’m no longer going to focus on the surgery as the centerpiece that holds the blog together. This blog will now be about my life, period. I won’t hold back from posting something here simply because I can’t tie to to my new life somehow. When I post, sometimes it will be silly, sometimes it will be serious. I never really know what I’m going to write about but I do know it will probably include a lot of my boyfriend and my cat!

Another change you will see in this blog and in my life in general is I am no longer going to focus on the direct aspects of the surgery. I’ve always been pretty open about sharing about the weight loss, but I’ve come to realize that if I don’t want people asking me hurtful questions such as “have you gained weight” (no, I haven’t) then I can’t rightfully be willing to discuss the weight loss. And quite frankly, although I know people mean well, I was tired of being asked “are you still losing weight” even when it was still coming off pretty rapidly. A person’s weight is their business and their business alone. If a person chooses to broach the subject of their weight, that’s their decision but I’ve always found it appalling how willing people are to ask about such things.

So I guess that’s it. I’m still going to use my Xanga blog to write about my life, but it will be a more complete look at life and not limited to just issues related to the gastric bypass.

After all, that’s why I had the surgery in the first place. To get rid of limitations.

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  1. I’m glad you are going to blog about more, after all life is what you make it. I am very proud of you for writing about this to begin with. People can be very rude and they seem to ask the strangest questions.  You are right your weight is your own business, and one most people can not even begin to understand. Having to deal with weight issues all my life I totally understand this.

    I am glad you are focusing on your life, and all the good things this surgery has brought to your life, the least of these being good health.

    I look forward to getting to know you better. You have been a great inspiration to me. Today was my meeting with my weight loss surgeon. I expect it will take a few months to get done all that my insurance requires. I have not discussed this open on my xanga, I am sure that will come with time. Right now I am just thinking of all that I am facing and what is in store for my life. Thanks again for sharing on here.

    Enjoy the life you are living!!!      

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