Sunday February 17, 2008

The first time that I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day was in seventh grade. I was 13 and his name was Mike. He gave me a lovely flower boquet that was in the shape of a fountain sundae.

That was also the last time I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, until this year. John and I didn’t start dating until about six weeks after Valentine’s Day last year so this was our first together. We exchanged gifts, small gifts really. I gave him a few of his favorite things with romantic messages attached to each gift. He gave me a gift package with YUMMY truffles, a mug and some special tea.

But really, we gave each other something so much bigger and better — each other. John’s other gift, his main gift, was an engagement ring. He asked me to marry him and I of course said yes. So by us doing that, we’re giving ourselves to each other for all the rest of the Valentine’s Days for the rest of our lives.

One of the number one questions is always, how did he do it? Well, the day was wonderful. First of all, it wasn’t actually on Valentine’s Day. With our schedules, it worked better to celebrate on Feb. 15, which was Friday. We actually prefer it that way because we didn’t have to share the day with everyone else.

John had been planning the day pretty much since November and he managed to keep each step a secret until it was time for it to be revealed! He had me meet him at “our” Denny’s in Springdale. We rarely go there but it’s where we went for our first date so it has special significance. After that, we went to “our” park, which is just a local park in Springdale that has a very serene walking trail with benches. We’ve spent many, many hours on one specific bench and that’s where he led me.

We exchanged gifts and then cuddled for a while as we talked. It was VERY cold but we were determined to spend time there. I had suspected he might propose that day but I wasn’t sure, especially after what seemed to be a few obvious moments passed by. He then revealed another “gift,” which was that he took off Sunday night so we could spend some extra time together. But before we could decide how to spend our extra-long weekend, we had some relationship issues that needed to be resolved, he said. By this time I was actually concerned and asked him “OK, what issues?”

John said that there’s a question he needed to ask me that would determine the rest of our weekend. He then dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring and said “will you marry me?” He says that he also asked if I liked the ring but my mind was pretty focused on the “will you marry me” part!

I nodded, said “yes, of course. A thousand times yes.”

The ring he picked was exactly the one I liked when we went shopping. It’s a little non-traditional, but it has the aspects of diamonds that I like (not darkly colored and goes with everything). It’s a white gold setting with a marquis-cut mystic fire topaz with two white sapphire accent stones.

We cuddled for just a few minutes after that and then we left because well, it was COLD! We did take time for one QUICK picture

Our wedding is now schedule for Sept. 21, 2008 and we’re already busy planning the ceremony.

We both feel so blessed that God chose us for each other.

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  1. Congratulations, I am so happy for both of you! In this life its rare to find that someone that you want to spend your life with!!! I wish you all the happiness this life can hold!!!

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